Students Collaborating on a Project


Clinical Prosecution Practicum

Professor Fred Klein, Attorney-in-Charge

Maximum Enrollment: 10 students

The Clinical Prosecution Practicum offers students the opportunity to work in a local district attorney’s office and to participate under a student practice order in the prosecution of criminal cases under the close supervision of a faculty member, as well as an assistant district attorney, who will serve as the field placement supervisor.

Students will be trained to assist and directly participate in all phases of criminal prosecution in the district court, including:

  • case assessment,
  • Arraignments,
  • interviewing witnesses,
  • identifying legal issues,
  • conferencing cases in court, and
  • plea bargaining/sentencing.

Each student will be assigned a caseload for which the student will be responsible under the direct supervision of the faculty member and an assistant district attorney in a hybrid clinic-extern format.

Every effort will be made to permit each student to handle a hearing and/or trial.