Online Master of Arts in Health Law and Policy


How Can the Online MA in Health Law and Policy Enhance My Expertise?

Given the current challenges in the health system and the trillions of dollars invested in the industry, now is the time to stand out as a professional with a command of health care compliance. Earn your master’s in health policy and law and you can:

  • Establish your role as an adept counsel in legal and business issues.
  • Expand your understanding of how health care and the legal profession are integrated.
  • Learn about critical issues shaping decision-making, patient care and the business of health care.
  • Gain the respect of attorneys, physicians, business people and bureaucrats.
  • Develop your communication skills and articulate legal concepts in a health care context.
  • Gain confidence as a critical thinker, writer and speaker in the health law realm.
  • Build your network by collaborating with experts from the health and legal professions.

A Growing Field

The Affordable Care Act generated 1 million jobs and millions of new patients. Of course, it also generated thousands of new regulations and policies. Working in health care is more complicated than ever before. That’s why those who have command of health law and policy have never been more valued.

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